Kitchen Art Studio? Who?


Kitchen Art Studio is a cottage industry comprised of me; an old advertising photographer, with 30 years of image making behind him, and his young, exciting, idealistic, creative daughter, Amanda, who just graduated from New York University Tisch School of  the Arts!

During the day, we do advertising photography for global clients. Together, in the studio; we work, we laugh, we brainstorm, we fight. We also share many of the Mauro family qualities that have been handed down through the generations. Compassion, integrity, strong work ethic. Pride in one’s accomplishments.

Kitchen Art Studio affords us the opportunity to produce imagery designed specifically to enhance each room in the home. A unique style and vision that’s easy on the eyes, clever and crisp in it’s presentation and surprisingly affordable. That’s how we want it. No gimmicks, just a true value. You’ll be reminded you made the right choice every time you walk past one of our prints displayed in your home.

All images offered herein are produced to the highest quality standards and will afford many years of enjoyment. You might consider them your tonic in uncertain times.

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